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About Thea

Beginning her career in Illinois in the late 70's, Thea has danced, taught, presented, acted, and educated people about Middle Eastern Dance and culture through a variety of venues.

Peformances include the most fun,(the King Richard's Renn Faire) in Illinois, to the most prestigious: The VIP pre-opening of the Christmas Around the World at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, The Chicago Daley Plaza programs, and the Navy Pier International Folk Festival.

Since moving to Texas, Thea has taught dancing and drumming to "at risk children" through the Community In Schools Program, acted and performed in a play called THE DRAGON TAVERN, which featured a gypsy named Hecuba.  Her troupe, THE BALADY DANCE COMPANY and THE TEXAS GYPSYS perform annually at Bayfest, Ingleside Renn Faire, Folklife festival, and the Corpus Christi Sunset series.

If you ask her about some of the more unusual engagements the troupe has been involved in; she will tell you about modeling African clothing at a fashion show and performing African dance during a presentation for Black History Month.  Also the 2 performances celebrating the retired and senior volunteers where Thea was told not to be concerned if the audience members fell asleep. The performances had been booked during the afternoon naptime of several hundred seniors.

Thea has a style of teaching that develops the indivduality and style unique to each student; utilizing their personality and prop preference.  Troupe members have performed with swords, canes, candles, fans, poi balls, and even one member who danced Spanish style to her husband's guitar playing.

"My objective is to present Middle Eastern Dance and culture in such a way that we have a lot of fun doing it, and the audience will also have fun, be entertained and educated, all at the same time."says Thea.

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